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The Providence Lions Club of Rhode Island District 42 Club Number 013895
Serving the Community of Providence Since 1961!

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             Who are Lions?                What are Lions?

We are the best-kept secret in your community. We are a club made up of your friends and neighbors. Our purpose is to help whoever, whenever and however we can. Lions are dedicated to helping our fellow man, young and old.
We are caring people who have but one goal and it is our motto: “WE SERVE”

Our Lions reach out to the sightless, children with cancer, help to feed the hungry and bring comfort when despair falls upon a family in need.

When disaster strike ---------we help.

Lions are people just like you. Join us. Become a Lion.

A Lion who gives from the heart.


It's time for you to become a member of the greatest service organization in the world

Are you looking for a way to get involved in helping those in need? Join the Providence Lions Club. There you will find people who are dedicated to assisting their communities in a time of need. Helping the sightless; Feeding the hungry; Helping children and their families fight the battle against cancer and much more. Get involved by helping the Providence Lions Club make a brighter day for families who live in your own towns, your state, and globally.

You hold the key to helping


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